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Mrs. Barrie 5th & 6th Reading

Get To Know Mrs. Barrie

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I am excited to begin my fifth year at Crescent!  I'm back at the elementary this year and teaching 5th and 6th grade reading and 5th grade language arts.
I grew up in a small town in Southeast Kansas, but have lived in this part of Oklahoma with my family for the past ten years.  My husband, Matt, and I have lived in many different places in our twenty-one years together, but we keep getting drawn back to Oklahoma; we've lived here the longest, and our children were born here.  We have one adoptive daughter, Keyra, who lives in Arkansas with her husband and our grandbaby.  We also have two biological children, Kaylynn, who is a sophmore at Crescent this year, and Asher, who is in Pre-K.
I have taught several ages ranging from 18 months-7th grade, and many different subjects as well.  Reading is by far my favorite subject to teach because it is one of my favorite things to do.  I love helping students find things to read and assist them in discovering that reading is fun and adventurous.  Reading is an important SKILL needed in our everyday lives.  SKILLS are necessary to practice in order to get better.  I require my students to read everyday and to read different things--fiction and non-fiction.  It's important!


You will find the links for our classes in the right column.  Please click on your class; whether you are in 6th grade reading, 5th grade reading, or 5th grade Language Arts.  Odd numbered hours are on Monday and Wednesdays, even numbered hours are on Tuesday and Thursday.  These classes will NOT be recorded, so if you want to read the book with me and be involved in the discussions for reading, you NEED to be there!  I will also have my "office hours" open from 1:00-3:00 Monday-Thursday if you have any questions. 
You will be turning in your assignments through IXL or email, depending on the assignment.  You will have a new assignment each week, along with a couple of IXL lessons. 
Q: Are we going to still have to do reading logs?
      A: No, although, you should still be reading! Remember, just like in sports, if you want to get better, you  have to PRACTICE!!!
Q: Do we still have book reports?
      A: No, but be prepared to have them next year, 5th grade! ;-) 
Q: What is my Chrome/IXL log in?
      A: Everything has a pattern.
            For Chrome, your log in information is (
            For IXL, your login is firstinitiallastname@crescentps (jdoe@crescentps) 
            We'll cover passwords when we have class or during "office hours". 
  Q: When does my class start?
      A: 5th grade -12th grade is on the same schedule.
            Odd hours M/W, Even hours T/Th
            The classes last 30 minutes and are scheduled every 45 minutes starting at 9:00
            9:00 --1/2 hours
            9:45 --3/4 hours
            10:30 --5/6 hours
            11:15 --7 hour     
Reading and Language Arts Assignments


 6th grade reading: Write 1 paragraph about how COVID-19 has effected your everyday life.  Make sure you indent, use 6th grade quality sentences, correct punctuation and spelling.  You may use Google Docs and share it with me or another word document and email it to me (
 5th grade reading: Write 1 SWBST paragraph on pages 1-17 only of The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind.  We will be reading the first paragraph during Wednesday's and Thursday's class time.  If we don't get all the way through pages 1-17 during class, you will only be responsible for what we actually read in class.  You may use Google Docs and share it with me or another word document and email it to me (
5th grade language arts: You will be writing an informational essay.  This essay needs to be 5 paragraphs long (1 introduction, 3 informational, 1 conclusion). I will be checking spelling, punctuation, and format.  You will get your information from the Internet, but make sure you document which websites you use and what information you got from those websites.  The final essay will be due May 4.  You may use Google Docs and share it with me or another word document and email it to me (  
      The first thing you need to do is choose a topic.  It can be about a famous person, a job, sport, historical event, etc. but NO ANIMALS!  I'll want to know your topic during class on Wednesday (4/8).
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