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Teaching Philosophy

May 2020

Teaching Philosophy

Amy Barrie


5th-6th grade

      I believe every child is unique, and every child can learn in his or her own individual way.   It is my job, as their teacher, to help students achieve their learning goals and find success in their educational process.  I provide a safe and comfortable environment for my students where they can learn and feel a sense of belonging and be confident in who they are and what they can do.

      I love reading and writing, and my desire is to pass that passion on to my students.  I do that by using energy and excitement through my teaching, and explaining the value of reading and writing in my students’ lives.

      I encourage my students to explore and discover on their own in my classroom.  They are free to ask questions which I usually answer with a question.  My goal is to teach my students the process of discovering the answer on their own so that answer will stick with them.  If I consistently give them the answers to their questions, the students don’t really learn anything.

      I am approximately 20% formal authority and approximately 80% facilitator.  I will teach a concept and give the students a goal; how they reach that goal is up to them.  I walk around and give them support and guidance, but the completion is in their hands.  Some students need more direction and steering than others, but the over all goal is for the student to know he or she did the majority of the assignment on his or her own.  My goal is challenge my students and make them work hard so their reward will be sweeter in the end.  There is a fine line between challenge and frustration however, so I need to know and watch my students so they don’t reach that frustration level and become sour toward learning.

      A Promethean Board and Chromebooks are used in my classroom.  I use the Pro Board for educational whole group assignments, and slide presentations or short video clips to introduce new concepts.  I use the Chromebooks for research, reading, and other assignments.

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