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good news!!!
Our Class Books are here!  If you did not order a copy and would like one, here is the information you need to order one.  This is our class PIN # 7529155.
State Department of Education Sample Structure for Pre-K Distance Learning
distance learning


As we are sure you know, we will be doing distance learning for the remainder of the school year. With that being said, distance learning will look different at every grade level. Please be patient during this time. It is not easy to teach online for the younger grades. Mrs. Dimmitt and I are creating home learning packets that will be available for pickup in the coming week (or so). When we have a pickup day/time approved we will let everyone know. Please remember school at home is going to look much different than in the classroom. Just because we are sending a packet home does not mean we want your child to sit down at the table each day and do worksheets! They don’t do this in the classroom when we have them so we they should not do this at home😊. In the packet you will also find scavenger hunts, STEM activities and games to play. Kids NEED movement!

We ask that everyone please download the ZOOM cloud meetings app. We would like to set up times to video chat with the class to read a book and just discuss everything that is going on. After you download the app you can find us through our email addresses, and When we schedule a meeting we will send everyone a link through the email we have, that you will be able click on to join the meeting.  We are sure it will take some practice for us to get this right!

We have also registered our class on a new website. It is on We are also going to utilize IXL. We are able to check each child’s progress and assign lessons.  Each child has a user name and password to login. I tried to make it easy for everyone. We have included their username and password for both Happy Numbers and IXL in their packets.  We have also added a link to our school webpages to each of these sites.   This way you can go to our webpage on and just click on the link to get on them to practice.


We will continue to keep everyone informed as we go on this new journey! If you have any questions or need help please do not hesitate to email us or message us on the class Facebook page!


Stay safe!


Heather Heiden & Marcia Dimmitt

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that children are sponges ready to absorb all the knowledge you can give them. There are several different learning styles and children sometimes have more than one style that works for them. I try to present material using technology to help children that are visual and auditory learners. I also let the children interact with technology to use their kinesthetic learning. I present material in other ways to try and reach each child in their learning style. I know that every child does not learn at the exact same rate so one child may get something on the first time and another child may get it in a week or more. Every child can learn, but every child is not the same so they may learn at different rates or in different ways.

Children, or anyone for that matter, needs their basic needs met before they can be successful at learning. According to Maslow's Hierarchy of needs people need to have basic needs met before they can gain anything. This is represented in a pyramid and it shows how the levels of needs need to be met to work their way up the pyramid. Hopefully working their way up the pyramid will help them be more successful in their ability to learn and grow.

I feel like the “Twelve basic Principles of Child Development” express what we are trying to accomplish in an early childhood setting. They are as follows:

1. Domains of children development – physical, social, emotional, and cognitive – are closely related. Development in one domain influences and is influenced by development in other domains.
2. Development occurs in a relatively orderly sequence, with later abilities, skills, and knowledge building on those already acquired.
3. Development proceeds at varying rates from child to child as well as unevenly within different areas of each child's functioning.

4. Early experiences have both cumulative and delayed effects on an individual child's development; optimal periods exist for certain types of development and learning.
5. Development proceeds in predictable directions toward greater complexity, organization, and internalization.
6. Development and learning occur in and are influenced by multiple social and cultural context.
7. Children are active learners, drawing on direct physical and social experience as well as culturally transmitted knowledge to construct their own understandings of the world around them.
8. Development and learning result from interaction of biological maturation and the environment, which includes both the physical and the social worlds that children live in.
9. Play is an important vehicle for children's social, emotional, and cognitive development, as well as a reflection of their development.
10. Development advances when children have opportunities to practice newly acquired skills, as well as when they experience a challenge just beyond the level of their present mastery.
11. Children demonstrate different modes of knowing and learning and learning and different ways of representing what they know.
12. Children learn best in the context of community in which they are safe and valued, their physical needs are met, and they feel psychologically secure.

Carol Gestwicki (2007, p. 4-33), Developmentally Appropriate Practice: Curriculum and development in Early Childhood Education. USA:Thomson Delmar Learning.

Basically if children are healthy, happy, and feel safe they are going to be more receptive to learning. Teaching with a variety of methods can also help children catch on to things. Sometimes it just takes seeing things in a different way to get it. I try to observe what works best for each child and present things in a way that will maximize their ability to catch on to what is being taught.
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