MS/JV games scheduled for Monday, September 21st have been changed.  It will be MS only on Thursday, September 24th starting at 5:30.  No JV game.
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We had an amazing week learning about the letter Aa!  We made an initial sound Aa hat, placed apple stickers on an A, practiced our cutting skills by cutting an apple apart and putting it back together like a puzzle, made an Apple Annie puppet, made Do-a-dot Aa, sequenced how to eat an apple, learned about the number 1, made an A into an alligator, made an Apple book, made apple smiles (yum!), sorted apples by color, identified A and a, made Aa is apples by making our fingerprints into apples, painted an apple using red, yellow, and green, numeral to quantity 0-5 apples on trees, and listened to a story about a little red house with no windows or doors with a star inside.

Special thank you to all the parents who sent apples for our projects!  You guys are the best!

Next week we will learn about the letter Rr.

Virtual Learning September 18


-Building number sense 1-3.  Your child is to color each square that shows the value 1,2 or 3. Please make sure your child is using a pinch grasp.  When finding the square to color, have your child count the item or items.

-Letter Identification. We have been working on identifying upper and lower case Aa, including the print a.  Please have student color the entire circle with a crayon, using a pinch grasp, that contains the A,a, or a.

-Aa is for Apple Tree.  Using the paint, paint brush and blue paper provided, have the student paint an apple tree.  When this is done in class, we paint the red apples onto wet paint which does make the apples a little murky looking. If you want more vibrant apples, you can wait until the green “leaves” dry before adding apples!  I do not care either way.  They do not have to have a perfect pinch grasp for painting, but do watch for the fist grasp.  No fist grasp!

-Alphabet tracing upper and lower case Aa. Using the leftover paint and one q-tip per color, have students trace the letter A and a. Your child may use one color, two colors or all the colors. Please make sure student holds the q-tip in the pinch grasp and follows the correct way to make the letter starting at the top of the page (or you are going to have a smeary mess) and the top of the letter.

I have included links on my website for proper scissor holding and proper writing utensil grasp that you may refer to.  I will also have links to our letter friend song Apple Annie and other books and songs.

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