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Mrs. Cummings 2nd Grade 2020-2021
I believe our students are our future.  Each of our students has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world.
Teaching is a learning process; learning from your students, colleagues, parents and the community.  This a lifelong process where you learn new strategies, new ideas and new philosophies.  I continually reflect on my commitment to lifelong learning by seeking out new professional development.
I believe that parents are a child's first teacher.  A supportive home life is vital to a student's educational success.  Parents and teachers must become partners focused on student growth and achievement.  
Creating a classroom environment that is welcoming, positive and fair, where all students learn from one another and feel comfortable to share their thoughts and ideas are the center of my educational philosophy!  I strive to provide my students with a clean, organized, calm, relaxed and nurturing enviroment.  I believe it should be an environment where students can take risks without fear of failure.  I strive for each of my students to try their best, and to always believe in themselves.
I believe in skills based learning.  Each student should be allowed to work at their own skill level.  As their teacher I will monitor individual student learning and plan according to the needs of individuals, groups and the whole class.  I will constantly make formative and summative assessments.  I will provide specific and meaningful postitive feedback and encouragement to my students to bulid their confidence and develop instrinsic motivation.
I believe in providing my students a wide variety of teaching strategies.  I employee whole group, small flexible groups and individual learning opportunities.  I strive to use a variety of questioning techniques.  I believe there are 5 elements conductive to learning.  First, the teachers role is to act as a guide.  Second, students must have access to hands on activities.  Third, students should be able to have choices in their learning.  Fourth, students need opportunities to practice skills.  Fifth, technology must be incorporated into the day.
As a teacher, I aim to create an atmosphere where each child feels important, respected, cared for and believed in.  I am a teacher who makes it possible for students to reach their full potential, ask questions, learn from their mistakes, give and receive feedback, create and try their best!  Together, we celebrate each other's success and inspire each other to be the best person we can be. 
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106 North Magnolia, Crescent, OK 73028
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