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Welcome to my Speech Therapy Page!
We are all trying to navigate this virtual world of learning.  I have GOOD NEWS! I am a head of the game with my speech therapy visits this year! I have already seen most of my kiddos the number of visits listed on their IEPs. I will be in touch with the kids who I lack a few visits with to schedule meetings.  I have sent out emails with links and resources for speech therapy activities. To set up a meeting with me, simply email me at [email protected] and we can work out a good time for us both.  
I will be creating a Facebook page that will have a lot of good links and videos for your kids related to speech and language.  I will update that information here once it is set up.  Anyone will have access to the Facebook page  so there will be no violation of FERPA.
I also have a few IEP meetings that will be due in the next few months. I will be in contact with you to set up a virtual IEP meeting. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at [email protected]
Monica Williams, MS CCC-SLP 

I went to....

A sneaky way to work on speech and language!

I Went To...
Recite a long list of items and then add one, alphabetically, for the next player to remember.

"I went to the zoo and I saw an anteater, a bear, a crocodile, a deer, an elephant and ... a ferret!"

To focus on vocabulary, do the reciting yourself and just have your child add a word each time.
To focus on memory, have the child recite the long string of items while you provide the next selection.
To focus on phonics, have the destination and every one of the items endlessly added all start with the same sound: "I went to Kansas and I brought candy, Christmas cards, kittens, catalogs ..."
To focus on articulation, pick a sound to target and then make the destination and every one of the items endlessly added all start with that sound: "I went to the supermarket, and I bought soda, celery, sandwiches, steak, strawberries ..."
To focus on alphabet, change the destination each round and come up with a place and three items that start with the same letter; next player has to come up with the same for the next letter: "I went to Alaska and brought an ax, an atlas, and an anteater." "I went to Boston and I brought books, bottles, and band-aids." "I went to Cancun and I brought carrots, cupcakes, and cola."

Paper Ball Basketball
 Write each practice word on a piece of paper. Then crumple each piece into a ball. Have your child choose a ball, open it up, read it aloud practicing their target sound, crumple it up, and shoot it into a trash can or sack. Have fun and don't forget to keep score.
Flashlight Hide and Seek 
My kids LOVE playing hide and seek with flashlights in the house. Tape your practice words around the house then turn off the lights. Hand your child a flashlight and then go find the words. Have them say each word as they find them.
Snuggle Time with Books
Choose a book that is interesting to your kids and help them find pictures or words that start with the sounds they are working on. You may have them just listen as you say the words clearly for them to hear, or you may have them try saying the words as well. 


Materials needed:

  • copies of articulation cards (could use vocabulary cards, descriptive/what is silly pictures, phrases, sentences, questions...). Prepare 20-25 cards.
  • 3-5 cards that say "Boo"—must be the same size and be made from the same material as the other cards

To play the game:

Place the cards in a plastic Halloween jack-o-lantern or bag.
Participants take turns choosing a card from the container without looking into the bucket. Depending on the student’s goal, you can have them say the sound, the word, a phrase, a sentence with the word they picked, describe the picture, answer the question, use a voice or fluency modification technique, tell why the sentence is absurd, act out the 2-step direction using the embedded concept words, etc.
Anyone who gets a "Boo" card has to throw all of his/her cards back into the container and start collecting cards again on his next turn.
Player who gets 5 cards first is the winner.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt
Halloween Concepts

Ball Toss

Need to get out of the house? Try tossing a ball back and forth. Every time you toss it name a word with your child's target sound (for R words - rain, roof, run, racket) or name items in a category (animals - dog, cat, horse, pig).  It's a fun way to practice sounds and vocabulary while moving around!
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