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Elementary & middle School pre-enrollment information


Dear Parents,


     Enrollment for Pre-K is now open along with pre-enrollment for Elementary and Middle School students.  Forms for Pre-K – 6th grade students are located on the Elementary Webpage, and forms for 7th and 8th grade students are located on the Middle School Webpage.  You have a few ways that you can enroll in terms of Social Distancing.

1.   You may fill out the on-line form located on the webpage based on the grade your child will be in and submit the form.  We will also need you to submit copies of proof of residence, copy of birth certificate, and a copy of shot record (These items are required for all new students).  These items may be emailed, mailed or hand delivered. (use the information below)

2.   You may print the enrollment form located on the webpage based on the grade your child will be in and send the form along with a copy of proof of residence, copy of birth certificate, and a copy of shot record.

3.    If it is not possible to do either option, you may contact Ms. Stacy in the Elementary office for help.

You may email information to

You can mail forms and copies to Stacy Descher Crescent Public Schools PO Box 719 Crescent, OK 73028

Returning Elementary and Middle School students may be pre-enrolled for 2020-2021 by filling out the online form and submitting, mailing or hand delivering the printable form or calling Ms. Stacy with updated information.

All new Students must include Shot Record, Proof of Residence and Birth Certificate along with enrollment forms.

7th Grade students must include an updated shot record with their enrollment.

You may call Ms. Stacy and make an appointment to deliver updated information @ 969-2227 from 9:30am-1:00pm Monday through Thursday.

Thank you,


Wayne Owens

Crescent ES/MS Principal

Drivers Education

 Crescent Drivers Ed. Summer 2020

Drivers Education new date to begin will be on Tuesday, May 26th. The cost will be $200.00 paid by the first day of class. Enrollment fee can be paid in the Superintendents office. Check David Walker's webpage on the Middle School site for further updates.

Due to the current situation with social distancing the classroom portion will be completed using some form of virtual learning ( Web based, etc). Actual Driving will be completed within the months of June or July depending on when the State Department of Education & Transportation gives the OK to do so! Will extend payment to be paid by the last day of May 2020 if needed.

Students who enroll in Driver and Traffic Safety Education in any public school of this state must show evidence that they are physically and mentally capable of receiving instruction and may profit from the course. (b) Any student receiving instruction in Driver and Traffic Safety Education, under the provisions of the law shall be at least fifteen (15) years of age and a secondary school student to operate a vehicle as part of instruction. 

Students to be counted by the school under these regulations shall receive a minimum of 30 hours of classroom instruction and a minimum of 6 hours of actual driving in the Driver and Traffic Safety Education vehicle, all under a qualified Driver and Traffic Safety education instructor.

Please print and fill out the enrollment form below:
Contact Pioneer Telephone for more information
United Way resources
Lunches available
Crescent Public School is working to provide for our students during this time.  Toward that end, we will begin providing lunches thru May 14, 2020 on Monday - Thursday through the Child Nutrition Grant.  Lunches will be provided at no cost to students or the school.  If you would like to receive a lunch for your student, please email with an address, names of students, and any food allergies.  All children ages 1 - 18 qualify, whether they are  registered students at CPS or not.  Lunches for rural students will be delivered.  Lunches for the Twin Lakes area will be dropped of at the twin lakes office at 9 am. Lunches will be dropped off at Ms. Stacy's house for the Lake Lattawanna area at 8:30 am.  Everyone that lives in town may pick up lunches at the cafeteria from 8 am - 12 pm.  If you have questions you may contact the school M-TH between 8 and 10 am.  (405) 969-3738 or (405) 969-2545
online meal payment
Click on the link below to see how you can pay your child's lunch bill online.
New lunch bill policy
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