Crescent's Oklahoma School Performance Review

Crescent Public Schools-School Performance Review-2022

At the beginning of the school year, Dr. Knapp requested an Oklahoma School Performance Review as part of a comprehensive needs assessment in the district and to begin the strategic planning process for Crescent Public Schools.  Crescent met one of the criteria to receive this review at no cost to the district.  

What is an Oklahoma School Performance Review?

The Oklahoma School Performance Review (OSPR) Program was authorized by the Oklahoma Legislature during the 2001 session and amended during the 2005 session. The purpose of the performance reviews is to develop findings, commendations, and recommendations for individual school districts regarding: (1) containing costs; (2) improving management strategies; and (3) promoting better education for Oklahoma children.

As a part of each review and in conjunction with the Office of Educational Quality & Accountability (OEQA), educational and management consultants conduct onsite evaluations, review district operations, study district data, interview stakeholders, hold public meetings, and distribute surveys. These consultants, along with OEQA, then produce a report evaluating the following areas of a district’s operations:

  • Management, Personnel, and Communications

  • Instructional Delivery

  • Business Operations

  • Facility Use and Management

  • Support Services (technology, food services, and transportation)

After the district has reviewed the accuracy of its contents, the Office of Educational Quality and Accountability edits, prints, and releases the final report during a presentation to the local school board. The report includes commendations, recommendations, and estimates of savings as well as district trend data, survey results, public forum comments, and enrollment projections. Cost savings attributed to the review are intended to go toward classroom expenses in order to improve student performance and readiness.

The cost of a review varies depending on the size of the district, but the Office of Educational Quality and Accountability can fund 100 percent of the cost if a district meets one of the following criteria:

  1. administrative service costs are above the expenditure limits established for school districts;

  2. total expenditures are in excess of the district’s adopted budget;

  3. the district academic performance data score is below the state average academic performance data;

  4. a request for a review is submitted by the Governor or State Superintendent of Public Instruction; or

  5. the district percentage of students eligible for free or reduced-price meals is above the state average.

A district not meeting any of the above criteria will only pay 25 percent of the cost of a review, and the Office of Educational Quality and Accountability will cover the remaining 75 percent.  Crescent’s School Performance Review was provided at no cost to the district because the district met criteria #3.  The last performance review before the 2022 review was conducted in 2013.  Here is a link to the 2013 report.